book publishers in Scotland Alan McIntosh Brown, Perthshire.
“It’s a daunting prospect converting your cherished manuscript (or its digital equivalent) to a finished, marketable, book. In olden times a publisher was necessary, and some publishers in this digital age still insist – incredibly – on paper copies only, refusing to accept email versions.

But there is an easier way, and I have great pleasure in recommending Moira Brown’s friendly Ebook publishing service. Within a few weeks of our initial contact my first novel The Old Music was published and instantly available on Amazon.

Any queries I had were answered personally by phone and my royalty statements are set out clearly and chronologically. The outlay is realistic and there is no need to learn a new computer language as the conversion is done for you.

It’s an excellent service and I would recommend it to all prospective writers.”

publishers in Scotland Alan Digby, Fife.
“The wheels of the publishing industry can be known to turn ‘exceeding slow’, but this is not the case with Moira’s e-book publishing company. For an efficient, highly professional, yet friendly service, I cannot recommend Moira’s know-how of the e- publishing business highly enough.”


book publishing ScotlandJim Hewitson, Orkney.
“Be baffled no longer by the intricacies and technicalities of Kindle access. Get your book on line within weeks with the help of the rapid and professional service offered by Moira Brown in Dundee. With clients at home and abroad Moira has smoothed the path to electronic publication for scores of would-be and established writers.

My 2015 emigration novel Broomielaw is now attracting purchases worldwide thanks to Moira’s skills. And don’t be fooled by the very competitive charges she makes for her work. Her speed and accuracy makes choosing this service a very tempting economic option.

I have no hesitation in recommending Moira whether you are seeking to bring your first or your fiftieth work into the Kindle forum.”

cover Elizabeth Meixner, London.
“I should like to recommend the services of Moira Brown as an e-book publisher. She is unfailingly helpful and encouraging, always ready to provide excellent advice, helping with the choice of titles and has great taste when it comes to choosing the ideal cover. She continues to assist in any way she can showing great perception. I cannot recommend her enough.”


kindle-book-glasgow-crime-novelMarie Rowan, Glasgow.
“Having worked successfully with publishers for many years and having had eight books published by both Edinburgh and London publishers, it was with some trepidation that I approached Moira Brown to sample what I hoped would be a new experience and more freedom in a literary sense last autumn. Total self-indulgence was really what had motivated me. Was this a new dawn breaking? I certainly hoped so. Writers sampling new experiences was what it was all about, wasn’t it? And this proved to be just that!

From the first contact with Moira, a sense of encouragement and understanding was immediate. A fellow writer? She just had to be! Moira does not only make you think she cares about the publication of your work and that you have enjoyed the process of publishing it, she actually does. She listens, gently advises, points you in the various avenues and choices open to you and is always there when perceived difficulties arise without being the least bit patronising. With her hints and tips, lovely sense of humour, stunning covers and total professionalism, the entire process is an absolute joy.

Moira is always approachable, taking care of all aspects of both the publication of the book and financial aspects thereafter with frequent updates once the book is online. First-class service and stress-free? Don’t know how she does it!”

publisher dundee  Robert A. Wilson, Preston, Lancs.
“Having suffered numerous rejections and delays over the years in my efforts to become published, I recently turned to Moira Brown E-book Publisher, with a view to breaking into the ever-popular Kindle e-book field. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it all was. I sent my manuscript to Moira in Microsoft Word and the jpeg images separately. It was not long before the cover had been designed and the e-book assembled in the correct format.

Practically as soon as it appeared on Amazon, it began to sell. Because Moira deals with all the sales in connection with Amazon, my only role is now to sit back and wait for the royalties to roll in – A thoroughly stress-free and enjoyable experience, that gives new authors a real chance in the world of modern publishing.”